Stressed? Colour To Calm


Recently I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life  – totally stressed out and tired. Personally I find dealing with stress in a creative way helps me get my emotions out as opposed to getting super angry. That’s where this magical little colouring book (for adults, of course) comes in, it can keep me occupied for hours on end and really helps me to relax.

I bought this almost over a year ago, and the only reason I did was for something to do on a 7 hour flight to Canada, I simply though “oh colouring, ought to pass the time!” for sure it did, it was also fun. I purchased it from Waterstones for around £6.99 – there were so many to choose from but I liked the designs inside that this one had to offer!

You literally get enthralled for hours and hours by the beautiful and detailed designs, it feels like 5 minutes pass by the time you’re done. Honestly, there’s so many colour combinations that you can come up with that your mind becomes overcome with creativity and you just can’t pull yourself away. I find colouring whilst I’m listening to music or a TV (any background noise) pushes my creativity further, it’s as if the words help the colours to flow and represent my mood!

After colouring for hours I can rarely finish one page – which is okay, coming back to it with a new perspective and mood is also fun. I love to see my progress and the page really comes to life, It’s a really amazing way to keep you entertained, it’s not only helpful to deal with stress. In a sense, it’s like you are the one in control, you make the choice on what you want to do – whereas with stress, can you really control that? It’s a pretty great coping mechanism, art really helps to relieve this and I can honestly say that after I’m done my mood is completely lifted.



I really think more adults should look into getting one of these books, I’ve seen them even in pharmacies here in Canada for around $2, you don’t even need to have fancy pens to colour in with, pencils, crayons even paint (I used water-colour!!! SO FUN!!!) can be used to make your mark on these pages!

Trust me – you will feel amazing, free and so excited to colour! If you are feeling like you need a distraction, or need to feel calm whilst having space to yourself this an activity book such as this would be perfect, I find it so worth, I’m so glad a bought it a year ago and I only wish that I’d used it more often and sooner too. Give it a try! It’s such a throwback too! You will only have positive thoughts with this!