For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to try Matcha KitKat’s, unfortunately I always found them to be quite expensive for me and also they weren’t always the easiest to come across!

However, yesterday as my Boyfriend and I were browsing in the Chinese supermarket we often go to I came across these beauties and I SCREAMED! Instantly threw them into the cart and rushed to the checkout – I wanted to get home fast to eat them! I was so excited!


This package was around $6, most of them are but I decided to just go for it! The package contains 12 miniature KitKat’s which are individually wrapped – adorable.

They are the perfect size to throw into your bag to have as a snack but also if you want a something sweet and small in the afternoon.

On the back of the package you can write a little message if you’re handing these out as a gift which I think is a lovely idea, there’s also a little bit of history about where the flavoring of the Matcha comes from on the back, I can’t read Japanese but luckily my boyfriend is fluent!


The colour is a light green with some darker flecks which I assume would be the Matcha powder, it’s quite a milky green if that makes sense, It’s a very beautiful colour, even the inside of the wafer has green tea cream (and is also green!) instead of the original chocolate.

The smell is so alluring, it doesn’t have a strong smell of green tea, rather a sweet smell, with only slight hints of the green tea, it makes you want to take a bite right away, whenever I opened the package I always had to take a quick sniff it’s a very inviting smell.

So the taste! What we’ve been waiting for! It keeps its creamy flavor, and falls more to a white chocolate taste rather than an overpowering green tea, definitely no strong bitterness, the sweet defiantly is a lot more pronounced – If you’ve ever had an Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte it’s very reminiscent of that! The cream inside of the wafers is also a green tea flavor, although not as strong as the chocolate on the outside it goes really well with the crunch and taste of the wafer. It left me wanting to eat another, and another, and another.. It’s a sweet taste that doesn’t make you feel guilty, it’s very sophisticated and, in a way, refreshing.

Overall, I love this KitKat, so much so that it has made me want to try more Japanese flavors! My boyfriend on the other hand thinks it’s nothing to rave about, but I put it down to him previously living in Japan for 4 years and being Matcha’d out!

If you haven’t tried this KitKat I recommend you do! You can purchase them here or find them in most Asian supermarkets!

What is your favorite flavor of KitKat? What should I try next? Let me know!