What I ate today!


I don’t know about you, but I always love to know what people are eating!

It gives me ideas of what I’d like to eat, meal prep ideas and so on. Plus, I enjoy seeing the beauty of food!

I created my own video on so you can click here to watch my video on what I ate today!


For breakfast I had some oatmeal and added in some raisins – my raisins had gotten slightly dry so adding them into the boiling water and oatmeal really helps to plump them back up! I also added a sliced banana (my FAVE) with some hemp hearts to top it off. I also drank a small glass of vegetable juice.


Lunch was pretty basic as always, but basic to me is totally ok, I enjoy the basic because it’s what I love! I made avocado toast you can find the recipe here to see my post on Avocado Toast in 5 Minutes! I just changed it slightly by missing out the red pepper flakes! I had Miso soup too! Super filling and tasty meal!


For dinner we always have a base of white rice, now  I love white rice, if we don’t have it for a day I really miss it! I also made a simple tofu and veggie stir fry you can get the recipe by clicking here it’s seriously so good! We had some left over broccoli too so we also ate that, plus I cooked some zucchini in garlic and it was amazing!

I don’t snack during the day because I don’t really care to, but when I eat I can really eat A LOT, I do usually sometimes end up eating a banana or nice cream around 9-10pm (ish) when I start to feel a little desire to something sweet!