Getting Back Into Fitness


If you’re like me and go into a hibernation mode after working out hard for months on end and lose the motivation so you just stop completely, then there’s always ways to get back on track! Exactly what I’m doing right now – getting back to my old ways of becoming fit again, don’t be deterred from getting back into it, even though it’s pretty daunting, once you start again you remember how good it feels!

I haven’t worked out for more than 6 months (I know.. That long!), I’d worked out 5 days a week focusing on mainly Pilates & Yoga, minimal cardio. For some reason I just stopped – I didn’t feel like it, I was tired, numerous reasons. Only now have I realised that I’ve become pretty unfit and got a bit chubbier in my legs (all my weight goes to my legs!!) so that has kick started my motivation to go back to feeling fit, being healthier and looking better! I do eat a vegan diet, but that also includes vegan snacks (brownies, I adore them) and not working out at all – leads to being unfit.

My tips on getting back into fitness:

Take it slow! – Chances are your body isn’t in the same place it was when you were working out regularly, for me I went a bit too ham first time and ended up in pain for a days! Ease back into workouts by doing some light exercise for 15-20 minutes the key is just to get your body used to moving again! After you’re feeling like you can take on more then increase time and intensity. I’m starting with jogging, yoga and light Pilates until I regain my strength!

Find motivation from others! – I love to get inspired by seeing other’s progress, and seeing them working hard to achieve their golds always get’s me motivated to do the same. I find it helpful to follow ‘fitness’ accounts on Instagram (realistic ones – I don’t want to be a bikini model, just healthy and fit!) it also can provide support as you can talk to these people, or ask questions, you can even ask them for advice.

Work out with a friend! – I workout with my boyfriend, he will be doing his own weight work whilst I’m doing Pilates or we will run together. Working out with a friend makes working out more fun, you can motivate each other to push through and even laugh in the process!

Rest when you need to! – If you’re just getting back into working out then I suggest taking more rest days for the time being,  your body needs more time to recover and get used to the exercises that you’re going to be doing. This also relates to sleeping, you need to rest well so you’re body can recover whilst you sleep and also to replenish your energy.

Find what works for you! – Find a workout that you actually enjoy doing (I know, who likes to run?!) for me I love doing Yoga, it relaxes me and makes me feel good, and I do it at home by watching videos online so I feel more comfortable, I also enjoy Pilates – 3 times a week I will try for intense cardio such as running or watching a POPsugar fitness video (having someone yelling at you is great, in a nice way of course)!

DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH! – After working out always stretch, especially if you’re just getting back into it, stretching helps with the tightness that you feel after working out, you should do this BEFORE and AFTER a workout to prevent injury.

Set some goals! – My personal goals include getting fitter and looking better (who doesn’t want to wear anything they want?!) , I want to be able to run stairs again and not feel out of breath! It’s good to set goals that you can work towards such as running for a certain amount of time, you want to fit into an old pair of jeans, you just want to be fitter, this is all super helpful for motivation as well.

Recognise how far you’ve come! – When you feel like giving up just remember all the reasons why you started and start to focus on progress that you’re making, if you focus on how much you’ve progressed you’re going to feel happier and encouraged to keep going!

Once you get back into working out I feel it becomes addicting, you feel good about changing your body for the better, but it’s important not to push too hard all the time, allow yourself breaks and allow yourself to not be solely focused on working out!





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